O Brasil Inteiro Joga (All of Brazil Plays) is a project created by Google in partnership with Media Monks, to celebrate the role of sport in our lives and get Brazilians fired up for Rio 2016. It provides "everything but the Olympics events", including original video content, addictive mobile games to get users in the sporting spirit, curated lists of the best stuff going on in Rio both before and during the games, and a novel way to feel the emotional pulse of the city during the Games.

All of the project content is linked to produce a personalized experience that automatically surfaces the best content based on each user’s interests and behavior, inviting users to go deeper with a related video, game, fun fact, or tour.

The project was created for Google Brazil and sponsored by Claro, Nissan, Skol and Visa.


The experience on the project site relied on data to make meaningful connections between the massive amount of original content, providing a personalized experience for each user.

Instead of trying to generate attention specifically for the Olympics, the project drew Brazilians in by focusing more generally on the role sports play in all of our lives. This could be through entertainment, fashion, food, humor, gaming, and any other manifestation of sport.


In the months before the Olympics, Brazilians were surprisingly unaware that the 2016 Olympics were going to take place in Rio. 2015 surveys showed that 40% of Brazilians didn't even know the 2016 Games would take place in Rio. Even as awareness grew in the first 6 months of 2016, public opinion remained chilly, as media coverage focused on zika, pollution, corruption and unfinished venues. This presented a massive challenge for our sponsors (all official Olympic sponsors), who needed to associate their brands with sport, while maintaining a positive image in the face of a tense social moment.



    43 mobile games were created specifically for the project, one for each Olympic sport. Users could customize their own character and this customer character appeared in all future gameplays and in ad units.


    12 of Brazil's top YouTubers created a total of 77 original videos for the project, approaching the themes of Sport and Rio de Janeiro from the perspective of a chef, a do-it-yourselfer, a feminist, a linguist, a comedian, and more. During the Olympics the project featured daily videos created by a team of YouTubers, journalists and animators spread across three continents. The videos created for the project garnered over 40 Million organic views.

  • MAP

    The map included curated lists of the best places to play, eat, sightsee and party in Rio. During the Olympics, the map gained an Emoji layer, showing a unique visualization of the emotional pulse of Rio in real-time.

  • ADS

    Programmatic, personalized, data-driven rich media ads brought the complete (playable) games and map experiences to users across the internet. Ads were personalized to include users' custom characters and high scores from the games. During the Olympics, the ads cited what was going on in the events to provide even more context and relevance.

  • 2.5 million finished game plays
  • Over 40 million organic
         video views on YouTube
  • Ads outperformed benchmarks for
         engagement rate and cost per engagement
  • Recognized with honors from
         international festivals including El Ojo de Iberoamerica
         International Festival 2016, FWA, 2017 Webby Awards